What kind of wireless networking do I need?

What kind of wireless networking do I need?

Before you can choose a kind of wireless networking for your business, it is important to consider your requirements.

Analyse of wireless networking requirements

Do a thorough analysis of your network and then focus on the following areas:

  • coverage – the area you plan to operate your wireless devices. This information will allow you to identify the location and number wireless LAN access points.
  • Mobility: How can users move between the coverage areas? Will the wireless signals work throughout?
  • Security: Consider the protection level that your networked information will require against certain threats. This will let you know if you should add any components or technologies, such as wireless encryption.
  • Compatibility: Think about your existing systems and applications, and ensure your wireless network solution is compatible.
  • Users & Devices – can decide how many and what kind of users you want to connect via wireless LAN. It is important to consider your finances and choose a solution within your means.

How to find your networking needs

You should consider when you evaluate the wireless networking needs of your company.

  • Objectives for wireless communication – Greater flexibility and employee satisfaction
  • Specific, measurable goals to help you achieve your goals – Cost savings and efficiency
  • Technology’s potential to improve business operations – Also, the potential for new products or services

It is important to:

Consider the kind of wireless solution you will need. Do you have any sites that would make installing cable networks difficult, such as listed buildings? Are salespeople and employees requiring mobility?

Ask other businesses about wireless solutions.

You should think carefully about security issues such as the possibility of hackers or competitors accessing or altering your company data.

The costs of wireless communication, such as software installation and maintenance, are compared with the expected business benefits. Are the benefits of more efficient working worth the price?

You might want to consult with specialists, equipment and service provider providers on how to:

  • Your requirements should be outlined
  • Calculate how much you can spend.
  • Check out the project
  • Follow your plan

Organise training and support for software

Consider the needs of your customers or business partners.

  • Take the time to think about your business partners and customers. If possible, take a look at their business systems.
  • Are your business processes able to support all the wireless standards they use, if you want to wirelessly work with customers/partners? Do you limit your range by only targeting certain wireless users?
  • Is it possible for your wireless network to be compatible with those of your partners?

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