6 Best Photoshop Mouse 2022


Photo editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop are essential tools for professionals.

Photoshop is essential for professional photography. No matter how skilled you are at taking photos, at some point you will need to use photo editing software. Even if you’re a professional photographer, Photoshop software can help you take your photos to the next level.


Sometimes, it happens that not all photos turn out the way you wanted them to. Some will need to be corrected with exposure. Others might require more detail, sharpness, lightning, etc.

Photoshop is a powerful tool that allows you to blend your photo in the way you like. If you’re working on a job, your work will be tailored to the client’s needs and aesthetic goals.

If you’re serious about your work, or have a lot of photos to edit, then you will need to add layers to each picture, and then make the best one.

To be a professional at Photoshop you need high-quality tools. Specifically, the best mouse for Adobe Photoshop is essential to maximize your creativity and save time.

List of the Best Photoshop Mouse in 2022

  • Logitech MX Master 3
  • Logitech G604
  • Logitech G700S
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite
  • Razer Naga Epic Chrroma
  • MSI Clutch GM60
  • Steel Series Rival 100
  • Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical
  • Logitech G Pro
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

If you love editing photos, buying the best mouse for Adobe Photoshop will be one of your most important purchases.

The primary reason you need to buy the best mouse for editing photos is because you will be using your computer most of the day (editors do that). You need to be able to work more efficiently and with less time.

There are many options when it comes to mouse selections. This is where our guide to the best Photoshop mouse comes in.

This guide carefully selected each mouse with careful attention to every detail. All you need to do is find the right mouse for your needs and purchase it. Let’s start with the best mouse in 2022.

Logitech MX Master 3


  • Buttons: 7 programmeable buttons
  • Sensor precision: 4000DPI.
  • Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth with the 2.4 GHz.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.

Additional features: USB-C quick charging, gesture buttons, easy switch to connect to other devices

Logitech MX Master is the best mouse on the market. We don’t feel like we have to explain why. The mouse speaks for itself. Logitech MS master has been voted the best mouse by many users.

Logitech MX Master, the flagship mouse in their range of office mice, is the Logitech MX Master. The mouse’s ergonomic design is so well-crafted that it can be used in your right hand.

The extended thumb rest provides a lot of comfort while holding the mouse. The mouse’s controls are very intuitive and responsive. There is a twin button located directly below a scroll wheel that can be operated by the thumb.

The primary scroll uses the MagSpeed Electromagnetic Scroll to provide precision when turned slowly or hyper-fast when turned fast.

There are shortcuts to the additional mouse buttons for Photoshop, Premier and other popular programs. There is also gesture control.

Superior pointer precision is provided by the 4000DPI laser sensor. The wireless battery lasts up to 70 days. This is quite impressive. Logitech MX Master 3 is the best mouse for video and photo editing.


  • Very ergonomic
  • Exciting features and controls packed into this compact package
  • High quality.


  • Prices high
  • Only the right-handed.

Logitech G604


  • Buttons: 15 programmeable buttons
  • Sensor precision: 16000DPI.
  • Connection: Wireless(Bluetooth & lightspeed.)
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.

Additional features include onboard memory, dual mode hyper-fast scroll wheels and a mechanical button tensioning system.

Another piece of art from Logitech’s collection. Logitech is an established mouse manufacturer that can produce a range of mouse models, from the average mouse to the hyper mouse. Logitech G604 is the fusion of some of the most well-known G-series gaming controllers.

The mouse was designed for gaming but it excels at photo and video editing. The G604 is a mouse that looks more sophisticated than most. It’s not as blatantly ridiculous as the majority of other mice, but it has a stylish, subtle design that allows for creativity both for gamers and photo editors.

A gaming mouse is more durable than a rodent. Logitech G604 has more buttons than a Hi-Fi from 1980. There are 15 buttons, six of which can be operated by the thumb.

This allows you to assign loads to Photoshop and Final Cut shortcuts to each button. Once you are clear about what each button does, you can greatly speed up your photo-editing process.

The 16000DPI tracking sensor is more precise and responsive than any mouse you will ever use, and yes it’s much more than what you need for image editing. It also has a wireless connection of “Lightspeed” with a response time in excess of 1ms.


  • Extreme wireless and tracking performance
  • Built to last
  • Button-loaded


  • Some specifications are too high for gamers
  • Very affordable.

Logitech G700S


  • 13 Programmable Buttons
  • Sensor precision: 200-8200 DPI.
  • WirelessUSB receiver/Wired USB.
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Battery life: 40 hours

Logitech is the market leader in mouse products, whether they are gaming mice or office mice. The Logitech G700S mouse is widely regarded as the best for image editing, especially Photoshop users. It is also regarded as the best macro mouse by gamers.

The mouse can be used both wirelessly and wired. There is no difference between the two. You will need one AA-sized hybrid battery. If you work late and your mouse is not charging, you don’t have to worry. You can still use the wired mouse to continue working.

Logitech is a great tool for video editing and image editing at work. The mouse has a comfortable ergonomic design and low coefficient of friction. This mouse is ideal for long sessions.

Logitech G700s don’t require a mouse pad. The manipulator can be driven along the table surface. You can also use the mouse on terry surfaces and fabric surfaces. It won’t work with transparent plastic or glass.

This mouse’s maximum DPI is 8,200. It is the perfect choice for Photoshop. The buttons are placed well and don’t feel crowded or difficult to use. It is easy to grip the mouse.


  • Use the USB cable to charge your device automatically
  • It has all the features that a professional Photoshop user would want. It is easy to hold and use.


  • It should be equipped with an optical sensor at this price point.

Apple Magic Mouse 2


  • Buttons: There are 0 programmeable buttons.
  • Sensor precision: 1300 DPI.
  • Connection: Bluetooth.
  • Ergonomics: Ambidextrous.
  • Extra features: Multi-touch.

Apple was too busy creating high-tech Apple devices or perhaps was too late to continue the legacy as the best Photoshop mouse. Apple creates the Magic mouse, joining the mouse party.

The Magic mouse 2 replaces the original magic mouse, or is it an upgraded version? It has a super-light design and great laser tracking capabilities. This makes it easy for you to navigate between InDesign CC pages.

Apple magic mouse 2 makes it easy to make small changes to virtually any surface.

Sometimes the mouse can be a bit too sensitive. It is easy to scroll in any direction thanks to the multi-touch area at the top. It can sometimes be frustrating to have your fingers in the same place for long sessions.

The Multi-touch commands are the main highlight of this mouse. It is simple to perform each of them, including switching between pages in a browser with one swap.

Scrolling down and upwards through pages in full-screen mode, and even bringing up control panel to configure your Apple magic Mouse 2 with just two taps of your fingers.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a great option for anyone who owns an Apple device running OS X v10.11 and later. Even magic mouse users don’t mind spending more for the best. It is an excellent mouse, with unique gestures and visual appeal.


  • Beautiful aesthetic design
  • Battery life is amazing
  • Configurable right-click functionality
  • It is easy and comfortable to use.


  • Apple Support only
  • A wired mouse works better than a mouse.
  • High price

Razer DeathAdder Elite


  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Sensor precision: 16,000 DPI.
  • Connectivity: Wired USB
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed.
  • Additional features: 16.8 Million RGB lightening colors

Because of its outstanding gaming products, Razer is a trusted name in computer accessories and gaming hardware. Razer is a leader in high-performance hardware and has won the hearts of its customers.

This is how Razer DeathAdder Elite joined the ranks of the top mouse for gaming and photo editing. This mouse is designed for gamers and professionals who use Photoshop, CAD, and Excel.

Numbers don’t matter in our list. This mouse proves this myth. Razer’s DeathAdder Elite mouse is among the most comfortable.

The buttons fit comfortably on the fingers. There are seven keys that can be programmed, two of which are located near your thumbs. It works well because of its design and layout. The mouse is able to handle fast, random, and sudden flicks with ease. Razer Software allows you to configure your mouse in many different ways.

Thanks to the optical sensor, DPI settings can be adjusted to a maximum of 16,000 and range up to 450 IPS. This mouse is ideal for gamers, designers and photo-editors. It has a 450 IPS optical sensor with 99.4% accuracy and tracking.

You can save up five profiles. This mouse is a great choice for those who want a quick finish, a non-slip matte touch responsive, and smooth performance.


  • Accuracy of 450 IPS
  • Amazing Durability
  • Comfortable and practical Textured Grip


  • When the RGB lighting is turned on, your hands cover it.