Ten tips to improve wireless network security


Ten tips to improve wireless network security

Protecting and running your business is possible only if you have a reliable, safe and secure wireless local area network (WLAN). These are some tips to improve your WLAN security, and make the most of wireless networking.

Do not assume your business is insignificant to hackers. Even if your business is not under attack, hackers could use your insecure network for malicious purposes. They might log on to your servers to install software that can cause harm to another company’s website. Cyber security for businesses is a great resource to learn more about online threats.

Consider upgrading devices that rely on Wired Equivalent Privacy (WPA) or outdated Wi-Fi Protected Access protocols. You may be more protected if you have modern devices that include the most recent security protocols, such as WPA3 embedded into them.

Check that your new WLAN equipment meets the wireless networking standards. To ensure compatibility and compliance, it is a good idea to order equipment from the same manufacturer.

When installing new equipment, make sure you enable security features. You could expose your entire network to attack if you don’t do this.

To minimize radio signal leakage, position access points away from your building’s exterior wall. This reduces the possibility of being intercepted from the outside.

Without authorization from management, employees shouldn’t be allowed to create access points. Your entire network could be at risk if you have one insecure access point. Learn more about access points, and other components of wireless networks.

To ensure that your wireless transactions are secure, only use the most recent technologies. You can also run additional encryption like SSL-enabled communication protocols (SSL) or a Virtual Private Network to protect data being transferred across your network. To isolate your WLAN from the rest, you should use firewalls. Learn how firewalls and VPN can improve your network security.

To ensure that your network is secure, you should monitor it and review logs regularly. You can call an expert if you don’t know how to do it.

Hackers will find it more difficult to exploit vulnerabilities if software, routers, or wireless access points firmware are kept current.

If you don’t have the technical skills necessary to manage your business security, it might be worth hiring external experts to review your security measures.

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