Well “Mac 11” Gel Blaster


The pocket A-10, or the Mac 11 Brick, whatever you call it, is the ultimate pistol/SMG!

The Ingram Mac11 subcompact pistol/submachine was developed by Gordon Ingram, an American gun designer at the Military Armament Corporation. It was created in the 1970s.

Mac 11 Suppressor

The Mac 11 features a 14mm counterclockwise thread that can be used to fit your suppressor, an alloy barrel, and a front grip/sling mount.

Full Metal

This blaster has a full metal body and all the gears you need. This blaster boasts a phenomenal rate of fire, reaching 30-36 rps at 180 -240 FPS.

Mac 11 C02 Power

The Mac 11 uses CO2 to keep up with this fire rate. Great power comes with great responsibility. Never dry fire your Mac 11.

M4A1 recommends upgrading your gels to some Ausgel gels for Mac 11 better performance.

Hello, my name’s Connor Evans. I am a Sheffield Hallam University MA Game Art graduate. These blog posts are not meant to be a comprehensive record of my personal work. They are short and will help me keep track of what I have done.

I’m currently working on a new weapon/prop. I wanted to keep it simple but have lots of detail. I want to concentrate more on the texturing aspects as I am trying to improve my skills in this area.

Below is a rendering of the gun I created, a MAC11

These are very basic, as you can see. Although I was happy with the initial material build-up, it seemed a little off. Perhaps it was the wooden grip that I added to the material to make it stand out against the metal. Or maybe it was the cyrillic letters as I was trying to create a soviet spin. Whatever it was, I felt quite disappointed with my progress.

It wasn’t my first time creating textures. I must have failed at least two or three times before making this attempt. Mac 11.

This is the Latest Version

These textures look much more like the real thing than the ones I had previously tried. You can clearly see that the lighting has been altered, but it helps to bring out the details in the metal.