What is CareerTech?

Moore Norman Technology Center is just one of the 29 technical schools located in Oklahoma. Our programs prepare high school students and adults for a career in technical education. They often lead to industry certifications that can help students get work quickly and serve as stepping stones to a college degree program. MNTC is the place to start your path to a new career MNTC’s career programs prepare students to quickly get started in the career they want.

What makes technical education work Moore Norman Technology Center?

MNTC is part of Oklahoma CareerTech. Our programs are faster than traditional colleges and students can choose to specialize in areas of industry and career that are not available through other traditional educational settings.

MNTC students have an advantage in applying for jobs in today’s workforce by earning industry certifications. The positive placement rate of MNTC students is 95 percent. This means that graduates are hired in a variety of jobs related to their MNTC training.

Who can Attend?

All high school students and adults who reside in the Moore, Norman and South Oklahoma City districts are welcome to attend our classes. Our Franklin Road Campus is used by high school students who also attend their home high school in Moore or Norman Public Schools.

  • Oklahoma’s Promise (OHLAP/ACE)

MNTC high school students can earn lab science and computer credit for many of our programs. To check if a program is eligible for Oklahoma’s Promise/ACE credit, look for the asterisk beside the program names.

  • MNTC Costs

High school students in Moore, Norman or south OKC are eligible for MNTC programs at no cost. Some programs may have minimal transportation or supply requirements. During enrollment, make sure to speak with your MNTC Tech Rep regarding specific transportation or cost details.

  • Flexible Scheduling

Students in high school may take part in a block of three hours each morning or afternoon. They can continue their studies full-time after graduation or begin a new program as an adult student.

  • Transport

MNTC offers bus transportation from our Franklin Road Campus to our five high schools partners in Moore and Norman.

  • Employment Services

MNTC students learn how to create a professionals resume, and improve their interviewing skills and work skill-sets. This is in preparation to landing a job through the Employment Services office. Our instructors and the Employment Services coordinator have strong working relationships with state and local employers that seek MNTC graduates to fill open positions.

Academic Overview Moore Norman Technology Center

It does not offer a degree. The Moore Norman Technology Center, located in Norman, Oklahoma, is a public institute for 2-4 year. Tuition and fees for 2022 are $2,625 in Oklahoma for residents, and $2,850 for students from other states. There are only undergraduate programs offered at the school. In total, 1,393 students are enrolled. The undergraduate acceptance rate is 84%, and the graduation rate was 52% last year.

Moore Norman Technology Center’s average salary after 10 years of work is $35,200. However, the salaries for major programs can vary. The average salary for major programs can be found on the page dedicated to the subject area.

What are the competitors of Moore Norman Technology Center?

Moore Norman Technology Center’s competitors include National Park College and Mount Marty College. Murray State College, Oklahoma City Community College. Oklahoma City Community College. Oklahoma State University. Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Meridian Technology Center. Northwestern Oklahoma State University. University of Arkansas at Monticello.

Moore Norman Technology Center is open to Seniors and Juniors for the half-day afternoon program.

These guidelines will be followed:

  • CCS will assess students for full tuition.
  • CCS must be notified of any student who is interested in attending the Technology Center.
  • CCS will offer five morning classes for students.
  • Each semester, students receive 1.5 units of credit from the Technology Center.
  • Bible will be required for all students.

Students are admitted to the Technology Center on a first-come, first-served basis. The first round of applications is processed in December or January. The second round starts in February. Students must plan ahead.

Technology courses are usually two-year programs. The Technology Center’s 13th year policy states that students who attend the Technology Center in their senior year can apply for tuition waivers the next year. The student must have a minimum of a B average and adhere to the attendance policy in order to be eligible for the tuition waiver.

At the time of applying to the Technology Center, students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Students with learning disabilities who have been tested will be assessed individually for admission.

  • CCS will not allow any student to be dismissed from Technology Center for poor attendance or behavior.
  • CCS has the following observations regarding attendance at the Technology Center.
  • Technology students do not participate in all activities at CCS. They may feel less part of the class because they aren’t as involved.

Common requirements for college/university admission include four years of English, math, science, and three years of history. There are also 2 years of computer science minor or foreign language. Many students are unable to take all these courses during their time at the Technology Center due to scheduling conflicts.


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