Moon in Aries


Aries is a sign that moves forward with its assertive nature. It can act on instinct and be unpredictable. He prefers to analyse situations and makes few mistakes.

He is a critic when it is appropriate and chooses those with whom he wants to surround himself. He is able to forgive and move forward easily.

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Sometimes his impulsiveness can catch up to him. He sometimes regrets his actions by speaking or acting too quickly. He can be angry and will defend anyone he believes is legitimate.

Sometimes, the lunar Aries acts without any hindsight. His first feelings are the driving force behind his mood swings. People born under the sign Aries and influenced by Moon follow their emotions. They are their guides on a daily basis.

Lunar Aries is a sign that craves freedom and independence. This sign doesn’t like feeling trapped and wants to be free.

It is toward a certain freedom that its inhabitants turn in all situations: at home, work, and in love… This freedom is translated into an assumed

independence. To achieve this, natives must be well-resourced. They are never afraid to take on new challenges and set themselves up for success. They bring a sense of dynamism to all situations. They have many ideas on a daily basis but they never come to fruition.

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They miss great opportunities because they lack patience or time.

Lunar Aries is a happy and cheerful sign. His outlook on life is highly appreciated. He knows how to maximize every moment and make it exciting adventures. His dynamism can be easily communicated. He is a person who doesn’t believe that routine exists and enjoys the variety of life. The Aries isn’t afraid to venture into the unknown thanks to his discoveries and the relationships he has made. He doesn’t fear getting into difficult situations. He is a risk-taker because of his passion for adventure. The lunar Aries makes progress by making and living the elements every day. Then he understands more. He draws on his experiences to make the most of life. The unknown does not have to be a hindrance to your development. He saw every new development and each challenge as a new step to take.

Moon-influenced Aries are open to trying new things and can set boundaries if he does. He doesn’t take risks if it is too important for him. He is able to be reasonable. Aries can stop when he makes a mistake or realizes he is going too far. Aries quickly moved on to another task and didn’t consider the stop a failure.


He is sincere about his feelings. The lunar Aries is honest when he expresses his feelings. He is honest and does not believe in feigning flattery to get his goals. He is a communicator and uses his time wisely. Aries is attracted to erotica. His wild desires help to balance the power of the couple.

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To create a stronger bond, the lunar Aries must consider his partner’s opinion. To build a lasting relationship, he must not forget the balance between power and love. Lunar Aries natives are creative and can create romantic, libertine relationships. They are never bored.

At work

Aries is a sign that takes great responsibility when he works. Aries, a moon sign, likes having to take on responsibilities and making decisions. His confidence and serenity are well-received in the professional world. He enjoys managing a team. He is a driving force at work, and knows how motivate his team. His humor and ability to communicate are a great asset for group work. His passion for jobs led him to pursue them, which gave him great freedom and huge potential for growth.

Moon in Aries for women

You must have confidence in yourself to be assertive. Influenced by the Moon, Aries women sometimes gravitate towards manhood. Their energy and will are highly valued aspects of their personalities. They live their lives with an open mind and allow themselves to be guided.

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Moon in Aries for men

Passion is a way to live your life. Your emotions and feelings are often more important than your behavior. To soothe dull days, learn to control your emotions. You want to be surrounded by dynamic, bright people in your love life. You must be able to rely on your partner and maintain a positive outlook.