7 Best Gaming Routers for PS5 2022


You are now looking for the best PS5 router that will enhance your online gaming experience. We are here to help you.

It’s not uncommon for your game to lag during the climax. It can be very irritating when your ping suddenly increases at the most crucial and intense moments of your game. We are here to help you get out of this mess.

We searched hard for routers that provide a high ping rate and have found the best. This article will present the top gaming routers for PS5 along with their pros & cons.

We will be reviewing routers that provide uninterrupted gaming so you can play the game without buffering or loading issues. Strong wi-fi connections will be provided by the routers.

Your ps5 and many other devices will be connected to your router. The best part? Multiple connections will not slow down your online gaming experience.

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  • We have chosen the top routers to fit your budget and save you money.
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TP-LINK ARCHER C5400 V2 -Best gaming router for PS5 2022


  • WiFi Type 802.11ac
  • Processor 1.4GHz dual-core, 3 co-processors
  • Operation Modes Wired Networking, Access Point and Bridge, Wireless Router, Wired Networking
  • Dimensions 9.1×9.1×1.7 inches

Weight 1.36kg

The TP-Link Archer C5400 v2 gaming router is a great choice if you like the classic look. It is unlike other gaming switches because it highlights devotees’ grades by the basic setting. It’s almost like a bunch of talking to somebody.

Alexa Support Component and Apex Legends’ newest competition give you the ability to adapt to any situation, regardless of whether your goal is to dominate the competition or if visitors are communicating with you.

The first thing that you notice when you remove the TP Link Archer C5400 from its crate is how small it is compared to other AC5500 switches. The C5400 has eight receiving wires that overlap from the base. Other AC5400 units have an over-structure capable communicating with the client base base.

The Archer C5400 is more than an event for your, waiting and waiting to be with you on the streets without any problems, unlike remote system administration gadgets that can do it all on their own.

The TP-Link is always on top of their switch scheme. However, the Super-Little C5400 does some extraordinary things.

VPN administrators can set up a print worker and have the option of selecting all traffic that you experience with the switch. Once you switch on, the modem will automatically introduce a 4G-enabled USB connection. .

TP-Link Archer C5400 Search from this great mid-value remote control switch and many more. It conceals the monster within a traditional, designed casing.


  • Amazing execution.
  • TP-Link’s HomeCare update has shown that its products are still useful and in good condition.
  • Incredible 5Ghz execution


  • Situations of abnormal shape can make it difficult to place.
  • ASUS RT-AC86U – Router for PS5


  • Processor 1.8GHz dual-core processor
  • Memory: Flash memory 256MB and RAM 512MB
  • Dimensions 8.7×6.3×3.3 inches
  • 860g weight
  • Wi-Fi standard of up to 750 Mps at 2.4GHz and 2167Mbps at 5Ghz

You will not be able to see the value in a single Wi-Fi switch from the Asus RT–AC86U. This switch is an important part of Asus’ switch pool. It can be used to create a WiFi network with the help iMesh. It is a difficult place to work, especially for those who wish to own an Asus switch.

The RT-AC86U’s unusual look was not the only thing that made it stand out. It was also launched by its older siblings, the RT–AC68U, four years ago. It is powered by a 1.8GHz processor, 128 MB Blaze memory and 512 MB RAM. This makes it one the most powerful gaming routers for ps5.

It has WiFi with 3 x 3 802.11n (upto 450 Mbps) as well as 4 x 4 8021.1ac (upto 1733 Mbps). It does highlight 1024QAM (Broadcom’s new non-standard balance policies), which allows eligible users to reach up to 750Mbps (2.4GHz) or 2100Mbps (5GHz), respectively. AC2900 allocations are not available.

The RT-AC86U’s Asus switches are both pre- and long-term. Surprisingly, the RT-AC86U has a single-time gaming highlight that is accessible on more expensive switches like the Lead GT-AC5300. You can find the basic highlights of the screen in the captures at its bottom. My test was a success.

AiProtection is also popular among home clients. This protects the whole organization from online threats. A custom QS is available that allows you to seamlessly transfer internet data to provide the best possible client experience.

The Asus RT-5300 is a remarkable gaming switch. It slows down and discourages gaming online and within the company.


  • Excessive speed of exchange.
  • Solid wired directing execution.
  • Physical catches for LEDs and WiFi


  • Not for the wallet

LINKSYS WRT32X – Best budget router for PS5


  • Wireless Frequency Bands: 2.4GHz, 5GHz
  • Storage Capacity: 256 MB
  • Processor 1.8 GHz Dual-Core
  • Speed AC3200

1.96 kg Package Weight

Linnaeus is a well-known name in the switch world, but don’t let its walker reputation fool you – it is a strong competitor in the realm of gaming switches.

This particular model’s Killer Priorization Engine (for PCs with Killer Organizing Card) is undoubtedly maintained as it manages your company’s traffic to and from web.

This dual band switch used to come in a small bundle that included four gigabytes of LAN ports and four removable reception devices. Although the menu interface is not as intuitive as it should be, the 1.8Ghz processor, bar shaking, and MU-MIMOIMO shaking are all very useful.

This switch is one of the most reasonable in the roundabout. It is great for those who are not in a big budget.

The Lynx 32X gaming switching calculates the best way to distinguish between industrial and useful switches in venture, and the “top-secret plain” style found in gaming switches such as Netgear. It was previously best described as a simpler version of the Lynx WRT-1900AC.

The 32X shaker can be considered as safe as other switches and is more appealing to those who use it. Four radio wires pass through simple screws and heated pits at their top. The blue display at the front displays all the standard pointers. A great bundle once collected, but the interruption of four gigabytes Ethernet can cause some discomfort.


  • Gamers will love how it settles in game ping.
  • Offering USB/eSATA stockpiling device
  • OpenWRT support


  • It’s not the easiest menu to use

TP-LINK ARCHER C5400X – Best gaming router for PS5


  • Wireless Frequency Bands: 2.4GHz, 5GHz Tri-Band
  • Processor 1.8 GHz Quad-Core
  • Dimensions 9.47×9.47×2.18 inches
  • Package Weight 2.74kg
  • Transmit Power 20-30 dBm

This model is elevated to the top with the TP-Link Archer C5400X, making it the best gaming router for ps5. It also features an outstanding execution. Although it is very expensive, the sticker is affordable so it could be one of best gaming switches available.

It has eight Ethernet ports at the back making it ideal for the armada creation of gaming gear. The MU-MIMO remote associations and tri-band upholstery remote associations also indicate the first place in class. No matter where you are, you will be at the top of the leaderboards.

The C5400X 4×4 switch runs on a quad-center 1.8GHz processor, three coprocessors, and 1GB RAM. It is composed of three radio groups. The 1024QAM upgrade allows it to achieve optimal data speeds up to 1,000Mbps in 2.4GHz and 2,167Mbps in 5GHz bands.

It powers the most recent 802.11ac advancements, including MU–MIMO synchronous data streaming and direct-to-customer transmissions. Smart connectivity allows the switch to select appropriate radio bands depending on network traffic. It can be removed for three radio groups.

The TP-Link app can monitor the switch on Android and iOS phones. It also supports general electronic support. This includes the status screen that shows wired and distant affiliate users, and remote and Ethernet settings.


  • Execution of high throughput quickly
  • There are many LAN ports.
  • Easy to arrange and design


Short on game-driven highlights

NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK PRO GAMING XR500 – Best Gaming router for PS5


  • Wireless Frequency Bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz Dual-Band
  • Processor 1.7 GHz Dual-Core
  • Dimensions: 12.7×9.6×2.2inches
  • Weight 803g
  • WLAN Mode Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

NetGear’s Nighthawk XR500 Pro Wi-Fi router allows gamers to improve their experience and communicate directly with their home companies. Net Dumas, a UK-based company, powered the Dumas menu. It provided gamers with the tools they needed to reduce inactivity and make games run more smoothly. Geo Filtering allows you to set up sweeps in your area and ensure you have a connection with players and workers near you.

The XR500 is reminiscent of something found on the “Bottle boats” display. Although its wide-ranging plan is the same as the Nighthawk’s, it has sharp edges. The LED lights on the front of the hood are bright and you can turn a switch to open and close them.

Although the choice of divider mount is great, it is not too dangerous to display on a rack. Overall, the XR500 will work for you. You can open it and it will also help with your Wi-Fi inclusion. This switch can be tested quickly wherever it is placed. We’ll get to that in a moment.

NetGear XR500 requires an internet browser to be set up. After connecting the modem to the switch, you will need to open the Netgear program window. Gaming can be done all night long without worrying about the slowing spike.

Be aware of the high price tag and that you will not be satisfied with this gamer style. If you’re okay with the problems, it is one of the best gaming routers.


  • It is easy to implement.
  • Additional highlights for gamers:
  • Testing has a great short time throughput and document movement execution


  • Testing: Average long-go execution